La Fanciullaccia - bio, bed and breakfast

A very important life principle for us is about our influence on the environment, a problem that we are trying to solve through several solutions and we want to improve in the future as much as we can.

The electricity

Since 2010 we have built a 2.3 kwp photovoltaic plant and we use directly from ¼ to 1/3 of the electric energy that produces. The rest of it we buy from a company called Dolomiti Energia which certifies it as 100% coming from renewable fonts. We also are partner of the co-operative Retenergie. We reduced our power consumption by the use of new neon bulbs and “stand by” self-switch-off gadgets and trying to avoid energy waste.

The water

We built a system for gathering and re-using the rainwater coming from the roofs: it’s about 20 square meters of water that we use for toilette flushing, washing machine and garden watering. For saving water we mounted flow-breaker on every tap. In summer we also used to recover washing vegetables water and use it to irrigate potted plants, while often recover washing hairs water assigning it to the toilette flushing. For drinking water we are connected to the public water pipe. Finally, we have included at the system’s beginning a Grander revitalizer.

The heating

To heat the whole house, from the beginning of 2014 we use a wood-burning boiler stove, which also allows us to prepare food and to heat the domestic hot water; if necessary, the system is integrated with a condensing boiler fueled by LPG. The wood comes from our tree trimming and from some friends garden keepers. All windows have double-glasses. Luckily we are in an area protected from northern winds, so we never have very low temperature…

The self-production

A principle which we believe is of self producing, which allows us to control and increase the quality of what we use and pollute less.We grow ourselves a great part  of fruits and vegetables we eat, we produce our own olive oil, we make the soaps and detergents we use, toothpaste and shaving foam. In the rare cases we need them, we prepare erbolistic medicines instead of using the industrial pharmacy ones.

The food

We already said we produce a great part of our food, the rest comes from local producers and we buy them as part of a buyers group. We cater for herbalist’s shop more difficult products to find and few things come from the supermarket, but everything is absolutely organic and biodinamic.

The waste

First we try to produce a small quantity of waste. So when we buy food or things we choose to bring our contenars and we choose products with simple packing, possibly recyclable. Of course we do differencial gathering of waste (paper, glass, metal, plastic) while the organic waste goes to our garden compost.