Our proposals

We will be pleased to guide/escort you along walking itineraries to explore the enviroment of our area, explaining the remarkable thing and exchanging opinions and viewpoints with you. Also we can give you instructions to do the itineraries on your own, at no costs.

Edible wild plants

We will show you some of the most common edible plants in their natural environment, re-discovering their flavours and smells. Of course they will be observed according to the season they grow; however, we have surveyed about 80 different species…

Aromatic herbs

The itinerary will lead you among something like 90 variety of aromatic plants that grow in the land around the house, some common, some rare. You can find them by yourself, or we can escort you to their discovery…

Officinal herbs

Some of the plants that grow spontaneously or that we grow have curative properties and Marilena, a professional herbalist, will be pleased to guide you to discover them: in this case an escorting is precious.

Flower remedies

Near and around “La Fanciullaccia”, there grow many plants from which the flower essences (the best known Bach Flowers and the most recent flowers from Italy or from other areas) come from: the itinerary need an expert escort we can offer.

Our services

The B&B is located in an old farmhouse dating back to the end of the 18th century and preserves traditional architectural elements. The rooms we offer are two.
The outdoor area has a relax-corner set among the olive trees.

Free Parking

Internet Wi – Fi

Breakfast included

Bicycles Available

Fruit plants

About 40 different species of fruit plants grows in the land around “La Fanciullaccia”. Among them many fruits used in ancient times and nowadays practically forgotten. Among May and December you will be able to eat some of their fruits…

Wild shrubs and trees

Among the spontaneous plants growing around our house, there are many that had a specific use in the old, sage, rural culture, until the 70ies.

We can guide to recognise them and explain you how they were used.

Rural games

This is rather a “workshop” than an itinerary, based on some old games the kids use to play outdoor in the old times.

For every game you’d like to play you will have a card with info and explanations, also as a hint to promote them among your friends…

In the nature

Listen to the night, climb a tree, walking in a meadow of fireflies, stroking a snail, looking into the dark: we would like, more than any other path described so far, accompany you to overcome the barriers that separate us from non-human life, to re-learn the ways of relating to the world we have long been locked in a drawer…

If you trust, we can guide you…